Webinar on Demand: Defining 5G Architecture as the Future Communications Infrastructure of IoT – 24 February 2016

Roberto MinervaPresenter: Roberto Minerva
Chair, IEEE IoT Initiative; Telecom Italia Lab

The definition of the next generation of mobile network is at an initial stage and there is not a consistent and shared view about its architecture and technical aspects. In this early stage it is important to define the goals and requirements of the future infrastructure. Telecom Operators want to play a key role in this and they are putting forward a very detailed set of requirements capitalizing the efforts on M2M architectural definition and the evolution to 5G.

The definition of the next generation of mobile network will not be inertial (simple technological improvements), instead the goal is to position the 5G network as a powerful enabler for many industries and at the center stage of many future business and technological transformation. The 5G network aims at providing a considerable and diversified capacity and intelligent functions to a large set of classes of applications. This webcast will focus on how the different requirements of IoT could help in defining a slice of the forthcoming architecture of the 5G of mobile systems.

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